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Netflix Bot is a small C script I created to query Netflix every 15 minutes searching for new instant watch titles. I came up with the idea after a friend asked where he could get automated updates on new instant watch titles and I couldn't come up with an answer. Many challenges were faced while creating the bot, I had to figure out how to interact with Twitters OAuth API, how to run scripts on a remote linux server I had purchased from a hosting site (this lets me keep it on 24/7 without worry) and how to grab the data from Netflix after they had taken away API access for the public.

Netflix Bot being featured in Popular Mechanics magazine

Once I got it working and up on Twitter, it took quite a while for it to take off. Accruing only 400 followers at the end of 2014, and ending up at 7,000+ at the end of 2015.

I've since moved the server to "IFTTT" ( as it is more reliable and free. During the 2~ months of downtime of moving to a new hosting service I also improved the handling of TV Show seasons and overall formatting of the tweet text.

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